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NAP Of The Americas Internet Bandwidth

Below are the user reviews and ratings for the Colocation Service Provider NAP Of The Americas Internet Bandwidth.  In the ratings below 1 star is the worst service rating and 5 stars is the best service rating.  If you would like to add to this service provider review click here.

Request NAP Of The Americas Location Internet Bandwidth or Colocation Quote

Type of Company: Florida Colocation Facility Provider and Internet Exchange

Specialty: Space and Electricity in Miami Florida - Other Networks provider Internet Bandwidth in this colocation facility.  Internet Exchange.

Quality of Internet Bandwidth: See Networks for Quality Rating

Network Multi-Homed?  Available

Quality of Remote Hands Service:3 Stars - Fair
* Comments: NAP of the Americas does excellent quality Work, but speed is not as fast as some other providers.

Overall Rating of Providers Service:4 Stars - Good

Rate Pricing For Services Received:2.5 Stars - OK
* Comments: NAP of the Americas is a great colocation facility networking, but the price for space and power is high as this facility is mostly for high bandwidth users and networks which have peering in the facility.

Additional Notes:  This Miami Florida Facility has a good number of Tier 1 Internet Networks in the building such as XO and Hurricane Electric so the service available there is good.  NAP Of The Americas (50 NE 9th, Miami Florida) offers good connectivity Internet exchange for networks from North America to meet up with large South America Internet networks. 

Company Website: NAP Of The Americas

Request NAP Of The Americas Location Internet Bandwidth or Colocation Quote

Main Locations:
Miami, FL Internet Bandwidth Colocation

Colocation Space Services Offered:
* Racks
* Cabinets
* Cages
* Suites

Custom Power Offered?  YES

Additional IPv4 Addresses: See Backbone Provider

Additional IPv6 Addresses: See Backbone Provider

UPS and Generator Backed Power: YES

HVAC/Cooling Systems Adequate?  YES

24/7 Access?  YES, See Contract

24/7 Support?  YES, Additional Fee

24/7 Remote Hands?  YES, Additional Fee

Cross Connects Within Facility?  YES, Additional Fee

Unlimited IP Addresses?  See Backbone Provider

Bring in other Networks to the Facility?  YES, Additional Fee

Voice Services Available at Facility?  YES, Additional Monthly Fee

Rating of Facilities:  CLASS A

Fiber Providers Available: Many

Internet Backbones Available: Many

Office Space Available?  YES

Crash Carts Available?  NO

Other Special Features:
Premium Tier 1 Internet Bandwidth and Class A Colocation Facilities in Miami, Major Internet Exchange

NAP Of The Americas
Colocation & Internet Connectivity
50 NE 9th Street
Miami, FL 33132
Request NAP Of The Americas Location Internet Bandwidth or Colocation Quote

Customer Review Comments on the 50 NE 9th, Miami NAP Of The Americas Colocation Site:
The NAP Of The Americas Building (50 NE 9th) in Miami was (and is) the largest connecting point between the North and South America Internet Networks.  This is also the most connected Internet building in Florida.

If you are looking for a Miami colocation site that offers great Internet networks such as Inforelay, XO, #1 Colocation Services, MCI, Hurricane, etc. and if you peering with other providers and bandwidth at a low cost, this can be a great facility.  The cross connects within this Miami colocation facility tend to have a monthly fee and the setup fees are reasonable. 

The downside of the NAP Of The Americas - 50 NE 9th Miami, FL facility can be that they like to get a longer term contract.  Many of the services that you may get for free at the largest colocation providers will have a fee at this site..  So with this site it is also advisable to have a Remote Reboot Poser Strip so you can remotely power down and power cycle any servers or colocated equipment that may need it. The NAP of The Americas is a great choice if you need peering with other Internet networks or large amounts of bandwidth at a low fee.
Request NAP Of The Americas Location Internet Bandwidth or Colocation Quote

Other Colocation Facility Locations Company Offers:
City / State / Country / Services

* Miami FL, USA, Colocation, Internet

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  NAP Of The Americas Internet Bandwidth or Colocation Quote Request

Request a NAP Of The Americas Internet bandwidth or colocation quote from local companies.  Just fill out the form below and click submit.  Your NAP Of The Americas Internet bandwidth transit or colocation request will be sent to service companies who will quote you their services directly.  This service is a a benefit to our community to make finding and setting up colocation services easier.  We do not control or warrant this process or the colocation or Internet bandwidth vendor services in any way.

Internet Bandwidth or Transit Needed :

Cabinet or Racks Space :

Your Name :

Your Email :

Your Phone # :

Colocation or Internet Bandwidth Notes:

This request for quote service is a free service that colocation facilities and networks may quote you from.  We do not take responsibility for anything related to this free quote service.  Some vendors my be fast or slow to respond.

One of the best way to tell what a companies service is really like is to read a variety of customer reviews.  Below you can read colocation service provider reviews to help select based on what customers say about their experience. Here is a list of current colocation companies reviews that have been posted so far. Please continue to do additional research and decide what works best for your colocation needs. Then, when you select a colocation provider we would love to have your comments on who you selected, and why so that we can add it as as community resource.

If you would like to submit a colocation service review please tell us about your experience.  Be sure to include all the details such as what your experience was like, when you had it, and what type of service.  Tell us about your colocation provider experiences.  The more community input, the better we can all do.  This helps potential customers make the right choice, and it helps companies have a reason to improve their services.

If your company received an unfavorable review, you can have an opportunity to post what has been done to correct the situation and why your service is better now.  This rating system is meant to encourage growth and help individuals find the right solution for their need in the sea of technology possibilities.

NAP Of The Americas




















































































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Site Power Systems: UPS/ Generator Backup type/PDU, etc.

Fiber Providers Available

Internet Backbones Available

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Other Useful Details, Such As Reviews, etc.

Crash Cart Availability

HVAC / Cooling Systems

24/7 Onsite Support Availability

Office space availability, etc.

24/7 Facility Access

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Free 1,000Mbps Internet Bandwidth for Qualified Education Networks.  Special Program from Worldwide Tier 1 Network.
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