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Free Colocation for Qualified Non-Profits from High Tech Community Service Provider.
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Free Internet Bandwidth For Education Networks

Philanthropy is alive and well today!  Educational networks that need additional Internet bandwidth can apply for a grant to get any amount of Internet bandwidth ranging from 45Mbps up to 10,000Mbps of free Internet bandwidth.  Applications are determined on a case by case basis, but most qualify with the below requirements and are therefore automatically approved.  The special educational program is generously offered by Tier 1 provider, Hurricane Electric, and it is at their discretion to approve the application.

This special plan is for networks used for educational institutions such as universities, colleges, county school districts, and other school networks.  Since education networks often also connect to other government institutions, a network may also connect to a few other organizations without being disqualified.

Network must run BGP with this additional link.

Network must have their own ip address space from ARIN.

Networks announcing 50 ip prefixes via BGP or more can apply for up to 1,000Mbps of Internet Access per location for the service free.
(saving $18,000/month off the regular wholesale rate of this service). 

Networks announcing 50 ip prefixes or less via BGP can apply for up to 1,000Mbps of Internet Access per location for the service at only $500/month
(saving $17,000/month off the regular wholesale rate of this service).

Internet access is available at specific NAP locations. The Internet bandwidth can be delivered to other locations via a local loop to the educational institution's network by arranging with any fiber company or Telco and at their own expense.  Additional requirements may apply.  Below is a list of NAP locations that this program may be available.

PAIX Palo Alto
529 Bryant
Palo Alto, CA  94301

Equinix San Jose
11 Great Oaks
San Jose, CA  95119

MAE WEST Bldg. - Hurricane Electric SJ
55 South Market, Suite 205
San Jose, CA  95113
(Specials Limit - Ask)

Equinix Los Angeles
600 W 7th Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90017

Equinix Chicago
350 East Cermak
Chicago, IL  60616

Equinix Dallas
1950 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX  75207

Equinix Ashburn
21715 Filigree Court
Ashburn, VA  20147

Level3 New York
3rd floor 111 8th
New York, NY  10011

Telehouse New York
5th floor
25 Broadway
New York, NY  10004

Telehouse London
14 Coriander Ave.
E14 2AA

Amsterdam NL AMSIX at NIKHEF
Kruislaan 409
1098 SJ Amsterda, NL

Frankfurt, Germany
InterXion Hanauer Landstr.
InterXion Weismllerstr.
TeleCity Gutleutstr.
Frankfurt, Germany

Paris, France
Telehouse Paris-Voltaire
137 Boulevard Voltaire
75011 PARIS, France

Prague, Czech Republic
SITEL Telehouse
Nad Elektrarnou 411
Praha 10
Prague, Czech Republic

Request details on this program from mattl@ or by phone at 1-510-580-4191.
































  Education Plans
Free 1,000Mbps Internet Bandwidth for Qualified Education Networks.  Special Program from Worldwide Tier 1 Network.
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