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Free Colocation for Qualified Non-Profits from High Tech Community Service Provider.
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Advanced Colocation -  Wholesale Colocation Services
Equinix -  Wholesale Colocation Services
FuturaHost - Dedicated Servers, Colocation Services
#1 Colocation Services -  Wholesale Colocation Services
PAIX - Colocation Services
US Colocation Services - Wholesale Colocation Services
Level 3 - Colocation Services
Bay Area Colocation -  Colocation Services
Hurricane Electric -  Colocation Services, Network IP Bandwidth
Telehouse - Peering & Colocation Services
Switch and Data -  Internet Exchanges & Colocation
Market Post Tower -  Internet Exchange & Colocation
NAP Of The Americas -  Internet Exchange & Colocation
InfoRelay -  Wholesale Internet Bandwidth & Colocation
Energy Group Networks
-  Wholesale Internet Bandwidth & Colocation
-  Internet Bandwidth & Colocation
-  Wholesale Internet Bandwidth & Colocation
SARA Amsterdam -  Internet Colocation
SPRINT -  Internet Bandwidth & Colocation
Wholesale Internet Access Ltd.
-  Wholesale Internet Bandwidth & Colocation
US Colocation
-  United States Internet Bandwidth & Colocation
AV Server Colocation
-  Wholesale Internet Bandwidth & Colocation
Bay Area Colocation -  Bay Wholesale Internet Bandwidth & Colocation
Server Colocation
-  Wholesale Internet Bandwidth & Colocation
-  Wholesale Internet Bandwidth & Colocation
VOIP Colocation
-  VOIP Internet Bandwidth & Colocation Services
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About Us - Your Colocation Provider Directory

The Colocation Service Provider Directory is an organization run by all volunteers.  Articles and ratings are written or submitted by volunteer staff or by independent individuals who want to share their experience with a particular colocation service provider.  All comments or suggestions are considered toward the rating and details are verified where possible.  

Organization run by volunteers
  Share your colocation provider experiences and suggestions to add to this directory.
  Tell us about any free Internet services for educational networks or for non-profits.

We strive to provide a growing directory of all colocation providers (as many as are legitimate, whom are submitted).  Our service is free of charge.  We strive to make the presentation of colocation providers easy to select with feature cross referencing charts and additional listings broken down by region.

Easy colocation provider cross referencing charts
  Helps the community navigate in choosing a colocation provider to meet their needs.
  Select by colocation provider region or state.
  Select by company review or rating.
  Select by industry specialization such as education/non-profit.

We recognize that our directory needs your assistance to make it more complete in this growing industry.  Please give us feedback and submit your reviews and documented experience.

Submit your own reviews - we need you

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If you have any questions about our site or service first, be sure that if it has to do a Provider review, or submitting an article then use these links:

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We appreciate all the contributions from the community.
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Free 1,000Mbps Internet Bandwidth for Qualified Education Networks.  Special Program from Worldwide Tier 1 Network.
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San Jose, CA Colocation
Fremont, CA Colocation
Los Angeles, CA Colocation
San Francisco Bay Area Colocation
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Palo Alto, CA Colocation
Seattle, WA Colocation
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Reston, VA Colocation
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Atlanta GA Colocation
Denver, CO Colocation
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